Is eating chocolate bad? Think about it.

We often say that chocolates are not healthy for children and make them avoid the delicacies as much as possible. But, we, on the other hand, love to have them occasionally. Who wouldn't love tasty treats after all? But on a deeper note, is eating chocolate really so bad that we try to avoid it? It's time to think about it. 

There is a theory that consuming chocolate actually makes you feel better. It helps you relieve stress and induces happiness. Then, why is it that people still warn you about chocolates? Before you make your decision, you need to get a bit more into the details of chocolates. 

Scientists have discovered that eating chocolate in moderation enhances your emotional well-being and hence, the smooth functioning of your body's endorphins. It even aids in the prevention of coronary heart disease. You live longer when you eat chocolate. Researchers at Harvard University in the United States investigated 8,000 men over 65 years. They discovered that those who ate little amounts of chocolate once or twice a month lived nearly a year longer than those who did not. 

They concluded that this is because cocoa contains antioxidants called polyphenols, which are also found in pink wine and inhibit the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Antioxidants are also known to protect against cancer. Wow, then chocolates are practically superfoods. Then, why do people say to avoid them? 

The causes behind this are widely understood. It's the sugar in them that are to blame. While sugar has been found to have a cooling and pain-relieving impact on babies and animals, they are still harmful. Especially when taken in higher amounts, they cause oral derogatory issues in children as well as adults. They even tend to induce high blood sugar levels, which is not a very good condition to consider. 

So, are chocolates good? The reasons being said, the chocolates are not bad as they say. They are excellent and healthy for your mental and physical fitness. Including them with a proper and guided diet will help you the most. So yes, now that you know, having chocolate treats regularly and appropriately will help you out. You can check out the best chocolates and chocolate bars of the world at Mars Wrigley Treats. You can get your best delicacy treats delivered to your doorstep sound and safe in no time. Just order your favourites online right away!! 

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