Doublemint Chewy Mints - Strawberry Flavour, 33.6g Tube

Skittles Original Bite Size Fruit Flavour Candies, 29gm

Skittles Original Bite Size Fruit Flavour Candies, 29gm

Skittles Wildberry 196g

Skittles Wildberry 196g

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Why this Chewy mint?

Opportunity to connect with someone new happens often, but it can feel nerve-wrecking due to bad breath and never lasts long. Make your connections more delighted & fresh with Doublemint chewies. They are great for an instant fresh feeling that's oh-so satisfying to chew.

What makes it different?

Doublemint’s chewy mint has two layers: a thin, crispy outer shell and a chewy, freshening core. Doublemint Strawberry gives you the confidence to let your guards down and start something fresh. The bold flavours of Doublemint strawberry comes in a convenient re-sealable bottle so you can pop a rush of freshness whenever the moment strikes.

When to have this chewy mint?

This chewy mint is especially designed for those who demand long-lasting fresh breath along with a fruity blast. Now be fresh breath ready with Doublemint, even with the mask on! The next time you need a quick, fresh boost, pop the mint that’s fresh and delightfully chewy while working at home, studying, working out or even virtually meeting new people. Don't run out of your amazing mint, buy now!

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