Twix Chocolate Bar, 50 gm

Twix Chocolate Bar, 50 gm

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Twix Left or Twix Right? Savour your cravings twice each time. Make work fun with Twix. So which side are you on – crunchy flavourful cookie or delicious smooth chocolate?

Purchase the Twix chocolate from our online store while sitting in the comfort of your home!

Reap the benefits of the rich nougat, crunchy cookie, and smooth caramel!

With a perfect balance of smooth caramel, chocolate, and crispy cookie, Twix chocolate is one of the ideal chocolates that can help to expand the happiness of any celebration. But wait, besides integrating this chocolate in your life in the happy times, you can also use it during the sad and stressful times when you just want to munch onto something sweet. Made by Mars, inc., the Twix chocolate is formed when a biscuit is encased with caramel and then coated in milk chocolate. As soon as you take a bite on the thin layer of the chocolate, you can feel the different flavours of the rich caramel and the crispy biscuit in your mouth with a blast.

Is listening to the description of this delectable treat with nougat enough to water your mouth? So what are you waiting for? Order a stock of Twix bars from our online store while sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Order the Twix chocolates to eat as an ideal snack during the evening time when you do not feel hungry but want to satisfy your sweet cravings. You may even order the Twix bars online from our store to create a gift hamper out of them. The Twix chocolates could be an excellent gift choice for just anyone. The primary reason behind this is that different aged people universally love the luscious Twix chocolate. So be it a one-year-old kid or a 50-year-old adult, no one can resist themselves from taking a bite of this delicious treat.

Moreover, since chocolates have many health benefits, you show your concern when you give them to your loved ones. The antioxidants found in chocolates might help to lower down your stress and improve your mood. 

What could be better than giving someone a delicious treat they can store to remember you for long?

Twix left or Twix right

You can order the Twix premium imported chocolates from our online store and use them either as a gift hamper to celebrate any occasion or even as an ideal snack. Or, you may even munch onto this crispy yet velvety chocolate whenever you feel stressed or tense. It is unbelievable how a single Twix bar can double your fun or even reduce your sorrows.

The Twix chocolate is divided into two parts, the Twix left and the Twix right. The left Twix has more crunch and crispness in it, along with the chewy and gooey caramel. The left side has a crispy cookie that is covered with smooth caramel and chocolate. At the same time, you can even enjoy the right side of the Twix chocolate that is quite smooth and has an ideal balance of the caramel cookie and chocolate. The right side includes a crunchy cookie that is covered with soft caramel and milk chocolate. So order the delicious Twix bars online quickly to know whether you are a left Twix or a right Twix.