Skittles Original Fruit Flavoured Candies, 100gm Pack of 2 + M&M's Milk Chocolate Candies, 75gm Pack of 2

Rs. 400.00
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  • PREMIUM IMPORTED CANDIES: Grab these delicious candies
  • ORDER ONLINE: Order for home or deliver to your loved ones
  • GIFT HAMPER: Celebrate any occassion by giving candies for gift and watch everyone rejoice
  • IDEAL SNACK: Enjoy skittles fruit candies while working from home in between your movie marathon or when simply bored
  • COLOURFUL CANDIES: Each pack contain lentils made of a crisp sugar shell and flavoured in different fruit tangs
  • DELIGHTFUL RECIPES: Add that bold pop of skittles candies to desserts and your favourite snacks


Looking for something fun and crazy to do? Don't worry, Skittles got you covered. This candy lets you find out your own funny bits and create a world where people laugh more and are not scared of trying anything unique.
Original Skittles, with its distinctive rainbow colours and fruity flavours makes all your moments super fun and your mood, comic! These candies with their colourful nature give you the chance to taste the rainbow and delight your loved ones.
Each candy lentil is made of a crisp sugar shell and is flavored in Lemon, Apple, Grape, Strawberry and Orange tangs. There is no one way to have fun with these candies, enjoy them while working from home or in-between your movie marathon. Add these wonderful flavours of Skittles fruit candy to your candy buffet or to your favourite dessert! Also try, Skittles Wild Berry with its sour taste to strike it up a notch. Hit the rainbow with Skittles candies.

Shelf Life 12 months


  • PREMIUM IMPORTED CHOCOLATES: Make every occasion extra special with these delicious chocolates
  • ORDER ONLINE: Order for home or deliver to your loved ones
  • CHOCOLATE GIFT HAMPER: Celebrate any occasion by giving chocolates for gift and watch everyone rejoice
  • IDEAL SNACK: Can be enjoyed while working from home binge watching your favorite shows or when simply bored
  • CLASSIC MILK FLAVOUR: Colourful and fun outside these candies are delicious and chocolatey inside


Why this chocolate candy?

Sweets are meant to be an inevitable part of every occasion, but premium imported chocolates have their own undeniable charm. M&M's Chocolates are all you need to make all moments bright, fun, and full of sweetness. These chocolates will make a perfect gift for the chocolate lovers in your life.

What makes it different?

M&M’s chocolate candies lets you share fun, meaningful moments and lighten up the world with a bit of enjoyment. These perfect round bite- size lentil chocolate candies can be used to make your candy buffets and sweet dishes turn into a colourful treat to be shared with everyone! Each piece of the smooth and chocolatey Mars M&M’s, in a colourful sugar shell, gives you a reason to celebrate the little moments of life.

When to have these chocolate candies?

The delicious chocolate flavour of the M&M chocolate candies is like a cherry on the top, that can be shared with guests. Now don’t let fun get away, enjoy these chocolates while working at home, studying, binge watching or simply when bored. Altogether curated with love, this beautiful and elegant pack is perfect for every occasion. So, spread happiness by celebrating every occasion with chocolates, laughter, and a whole lot of fun!
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