M&Ms Collectibles - Portable Bladeless Handheld Toy Fan + M&M’s Yellow Character Candy Dispenser Toy + M&M's Gumball-Style Candy Dispenser Toy

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COOL & QUIRKY DESIGN: All toys in this M&M’s combo pack comes in colourful & quirky designs that look super cool and attractive

CANDY DISPENSERS: Add colors to your life with M&M's Candy Dispenser Toys

BLADELESS FAN: M&M’s Portable Bladeless Handheld Toy Fan comes without any blades which makes it a safe toy for kids

IDEAL GIFT: M&M’s Toys Combo is an ideal gift for people who love cool and quirky toys

EASY TO USE: All M&M’s toys in this pack are easy to use and safe for kids

Why M&M’s Collectibles?

M&M’s Collectibles are fun and quirky toys to add colors to your life. Cheer up your moments of joy with fun toys from M&M’s. Available in different shapes, sizes and colors, it is just a perfect gift to add happiness in someone’s life. Portable Bladeless Handheld Toy Fan, M&M’s Yellow Character Candy Dispenser and M&M’s Gumball-style Candy Dispenser Toy is all you get in this combo pack. Let the fun begin with these easy to use, safe and handy toys from M&M’s.  


What makes it different?

The quirky design and safe features of these M&M’s collectibles make them different from other toys. The bladeless M&M’s handheld toy fan gives a splash of cool breeze even without blades and is easily portable. M&M’s Yellow Character Candy Dispenser is just perfect to brighten up any occasion and M&M’s Gumball-style Candy Dispenser with M&M’s character on the top offers a fun way to have M&M’s candies.


When to gift this combo pack?

M&M’s Collectibles combo pack can be given to people who love quirky things on any occasion. Delight your siblings, kids, relatives and friends with this easy to use and fun toy.

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